A lowly being claws its way unto the surface into the land of the living and is determined to prove itself. How best to do this but to steal a child?

February 2013

The motivation of all dream content is wish fulfilment

January 2013

The story of a Lady who never gave up on hope.

October 2012

A Children Friendly Story About The Yoruba Sea Goddess And Orisa Known As Yemoja.

February 2012

An insight into the injustice meted on an Ogbanje

December 2011

Nigeria today as we see it.
Christmas in any big city, in a dark light that no one wants to see, as a story that no one wants to tell.

October 2011

The story of Agatha Bello. A young teenager is traumatised by an event while spending a holiday with her uncle. She and her family moves to New York on…

August 2011

It was a cold night on the streets of Lagos. The warm breeze blowing the curtains in my room, they made a little ""whish"" sound as they fell back to…

July 2011

When Ikemefuna Okafor found himself in the desperate kingdom of love with his wife and expecting mother Paulina Ikemefuna-Okafore, nothing could…

June 2011

A teenage girl Ihemanma is threatened by the devastating news about her mother's health. She is forced to take over her mother's business for a while…

May 2011

Him and her...